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Dark Cloud Cover Candlestick Pattern in Financial Trading

Dark Cloud Cover Candlestick Pattern—Understand its meaning, identify it, and learn how to trade.

 The world of finance is filled with charts and analytical tools, each telling its own unique story. One of the most visually striking and attention-grabbing of these is the Japanese candlestick pattern. Candlesticks can help us to simplify the complexity of price movements and show us opportunities and risks. They can also be used to understand market movements and develop trading strategies. In this article, we will focus on the intricacies of the Dark Cloud Cover candlestick pattern and how it can be used in trading. The key to success in financial markets lies in developing informed trading strategies supported by accurate analyses.

In this image, the Dark Cloud Cover candlestick pattern is explained.
Dark Cloud Cover Candlestick Pattern

Topic: Dark Cloud Cover  

Type: Bearish

Trend direction: Reversal

Opposite pattern: Piercing or Rising Sun


The Dark Cloud Cover is one of the patterns used in Japanese candlestick analysis. This pattern is characterized by a large red candlestick that comes after a preceding candlestick (usually a long green candle) in an uptrend. It signifies that buyers have taken their profits from the previous day, and sellers are starting to take control. This is a sign that the price may be about to fall. In the Dark Cloud Cover pattern, the red candlestick covers more than half of the previous green candle. Therefore, the Dark Cloud Cover pattern consists of two candlesticks:

  1.  The first candlestick: This candle typically represents an uptrend and is usually a long green (bullish) candle.
  2.  The second candlestick: This candle opens within the upper shadow of the first candle and is a bearish red candle. This red candle usually closes at least half of the first green candle.

The Dark Cloud Cover pattern is a candlestick pattern that appears in a rising trend. It is often interpreted as a warning sign that a downtrend may be imminent. Following the formation of the Dark Cloud Cover pattern, it is seen that the uptrend is weakening or that a downtrend is beginning.


Dark Cloud Cover is a candlestick pattern signaling a upcoming downturn. Once the pattern formation completes, it may indicate the start of a downward trend or a reversal within an existing uptrend. It can be considered a selling signal. However, confirmation with other indicators is necessary before opening a short position.

Entry: Once the pattern formation is complete, we can consider a selling decision. For an entry point, the lower point of the short candle's body can be used.

Stop Loss: The stop-loss level should be determined based on market conditions. However, typically, it is set slightly above the second red candle or just above the level where the pattern forms.

Target: Profit-taking targets are usually determined using technical analysis tools such as support levels or previous low points. This can vary depending on your own strategy.

Check out the trading example with the Dark Cloud Cover candlestick pattern on the following CAD/CHF daily chart:

Witness a live trade showcasing the Dark Cloud Cover candlestick pattern on the daily CAD/CHF forex chart, signaling a possible reversal in the existing uptrend.
Dark Cloud Cover Trade Example on CAD/CHF graph

Info. When trading in financial markets, we may meet the Piercing (Rising Sun) candlestick pattern, which is the opposite of the Dark Cloud Cover candlestick pattern. While the Dark Cloud Cover pattern signifies the beginning of a bearish market, the Rising Sun pattern reflects the start of a bullish market.

Keep in mind that the Dark Cloud Cover pattern is often interpreted as a sign of change following an uptrend, but it may not necessarily indicate a decline. No technical analysis indicator used in trading is 100% accurate. Therefore, it is important to use other technical indicators in conjunction with the Dark Cloud Cover pattern. To increase the reliability of this pattern, technical analysis tools such as support/resistance levels or Fibonacci retracement can be used. Additionally, indicators that show overbought/oversold conditions at the levels where the formation forms can support the accuracy of the Dark Cloud Cover.

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